Big Data Brew: Analytics used to create craft beer

Dive Brief:

  • Havas Helia, a digital marketing agency, created a beer based purely on data that could fully capture the essence of a new year, Network World reported
  • Using social media to find emotional keywords in posts related to the new year, the firm defined 24 emotional states and applied a score to thousands of the messages. 
  • Through the scoring system, Havas Helia found 38 distinct emotions it could tie to the new year. Using IBM’s Watson Alchemy technology, the firm analyzed 2,800 recipes and created profiles with identifiers like "assertive" or "friendly." 

Dive Insight:

To complete the beer, the company compiled a list of the top 10 beer recipes that matched emotions for the new year. The final recipe for its beer, 0101, uses ingredients those recipes had in common. 

The Havas Helia beer project is an example of how analytics and Big Data can provide companies a broad number of ways to improve and adapt business processes to customer interests or demands. Using computer analysis on large data sets could help craft entire flavor profiles for coming generations. 

Capturing the "optimism" of the new year, Havas Helia's created a "fine tasting cream ale," the company said. With thorough analysis on large data sets, more companies could potentially find an analytically perfected balance of flavors, capturing emotions along with taste. 

A recent study from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) found companies are further adopting big data and analytics, using it to produce business metrics and to better understand the consumer. In 2015, more than half of all respondents to CompTIA’s survey said they were undertaking big data projects, while another 36% said they were planning to do so.

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