Higher ed IT: CIOs face opportunity, challenges as tech's role on campus expands

Check out our must-read series on the issues facing campus tech leaders

Due to the increasing importance of technology on higher ed campuses, CIOs at colleges and universities nationwide are facing a growing number of challenges and opportunities. With the nation's campuses targeted by hackers, struggling with budgets, and besieged by a booming number of net-connected devices, the role has perhaps never been more important.

With Educause, higher ed's top IT conference, which was held in Anaheim last week, we've put together our recent series collaboration with Education Dive:

  1. For higher ed CIOs navigating tight budgets, relationships matter most

    Presenting the business case for expenses is critical in getting constituent support from fellow administrators, faculty and/or students. Read More >>

  2. What 6 higher ed CIOs wish they knew their first day on the job

    IT leaders share advice and words of wisdom for those aspiring to the role. Read More >>

  3. The CIO as educator: Experience brings trust, curricular advantages

    Campus tech chiefs who rise from faculty take benefits back to the classroom, too. Read More >>

  4. Legacy upended: Higher ed CIOs look to modernize campus systems

    More agile, cloud-based, mobile offerings necessitate institutional shifts in IT. Read More >>

  5. With cyberthreats ever-present in higher ed, prevention begins with users

    Campuses can only do so much as the threat landscape evolves. Read More >>

  6. 9 CIOs share why they chose higher ed over private sector

    Mission and benefits weigh heavily among other factors in decisions to choose academia. Read More >>

  7. Bandwidth bedlam for CIOs as devices multiply

    From smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and TVs, the number of devices and technological capabilities on campuses are creating more network demand than ever before. Read More >>

  8. 8 CIOs share campus IT horror stories

    From security breaches to sewage floods, technology is still susceptible to human error, malice, dated components and unforeseen circumstances. Read More >>

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