In it for the long haul: AWS will now truck data to the cloud

Dive Brief:

  • To help with large-scale data migrations, AWS on Wednesday announced Snowmobile, a secure data truck that holds 100 petabytes of data.
  • A step-up from last year's Snowball, which let customers transfer one PB of data per week, this version will allow companies to quickly move huge quantities of data. This is of particular note for customers with exabyte-scale on-premise storage, according to the announcement.  Using existing backup and archiving tools, companies can fill the Snowmobile with data for shipment. 
  • It is a "ruggedized, tamper-resistant" shipping container that is 45 feet long, more than 10 feet high and 8 feet wide. The Snowmobile uses about 350 KW of AC power. Though it can be used across industries, it is particularly intended for financial services, media and entertainment and scientific organizations. 

Dive Insight:

'Tis the season for updates and announcements from AWS. The cloud giant has already unveiled a slew of updates and more are sure to come during AWS' annual re:Invent.

AWS, just like CIOs, know that moving to the cloud is difficult. In some cases, it is physically prohibitive. Constantly thinking of ways to make things easier for its customers, AWS is helping with the migration process and allowing for large-scale data transfers for a more fluid cloud shift. 

Ever conscious of security measures, AWS employs data encryption and has physical and logical layers of security. It will include a security vehicle escort and companies have the option to request security guards for Snowmobile while it is on site. 

Snowmobile is a technology that other cloud providers cannot yet boast. The company took a very physical approach to moving data, because even the fastest data-transfer speeds could take years for a company to fully migrate its data.

In case you were curious, AWS' Jeff Barr created a replica of the Snowmobile data transfer process out of LEGOs. It gives you an idea of exactly what a cartoon version of a Snowmobile data migration looks like, complete with tiled floors and a dog-friendly work environment. 

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