Report: Microsoft to earn EU regulatory approval for LinkedIn bid

Dive Brief:

  • After several concessions to pave the way for deal, the European Union will approve Microsoft's $26.2 billion bid to buy LinkedIn, according to a Reuters' sources
  • The deal originally sparked regulatory and user concern about Microsoft's access to Big Data and how it could potentially infringe on consumer privacy. The U.S., Canada, Brazil and South Africa approved the deal without asking Microsoft to make any changes. 
  • The EU Commission is scheduled to officially decide the fate of the deal on Dec. 6.  

Dive Insight:

Last week, reports surfaced that Microsoft will allow LinkedIn's competitors to access its software and to give hardware makers the option of installing other services. The move is to help ensure that the deal is approved without pushback or competitor criticism. 

Since the deal was announced, Microsoft has faced criticism and concerns about what it will do with LinkedIn user data. The company has promised it will only serve as "custodians of that data," but that has not stopped its competitors from crying foul. 

Microsoft has promised that it will not favor LinkedIn at the expense of rivals, but some are skeptical. Salesforce, in particular, has focused on antitrust issues and how the proposed deal does not allow for business competition. Salesforce lost out on its bid to buy LinkedIn. 

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