Correctly following current state and local sales tax rules is a complex, time-consuming and often error-prone function that may be costing your company more than you think. Many large companies primarily manage sales tax collection and payments sales tax via on-premise systems and business processes, especially for finance, accounting and invoicing. The scale and cost of this effort may not be immediately obvious because what is effectively a business problem has functionally become an IT problem.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how shifting sales tax compliance to a secure, cloud-based platform can ease the burden on IT staff, freeing them to focus more on pressing technology problems. Industry experts will explore the benefits of a secure, cloud-based, third-party sales tax compliance platform including:

  • Tax compliance with comprehensive, real-time system updates
  • An automatic and instant “paper trail” of all sales tax activities to respond to requests or audits
  • Reduced errors with instant sales tax and exemptions calculated in the cloud
  • A diminished level of manual burden on IT team for testing and maintenance
  • Less friction between business departments, IT, customers and supply chain partners