​While today’s technology is a source of new competitive advantage for some organizations, it can be a threat to ongoing survival for others. As a result, the distinction between corporate strategy and technology strategy is blurring—each needs to inform the other. Savvy corporate strategists are looking beyond their company’s current tech capabilities and competitive landscape to consider a broader range of future possibilities about how technology can expand where they play and how they win.

Through an informative Thought Leadership session and interactive panel discussion, we will explore key insights, trends, and actionable advice. You’ll learn how tech is enabling fundamental business processes-from the way business strategy is engineered to the modernization of core assets-and evolving supply into value enablers. Join this webinar, in partnership with Workday and Deloitte as we discuss Deloitte's 12th annual Tech Trends report. We'll focus on the nine trends you need to know to better leverage technology and discuss:

  • New data optimization techniques to turbocharge machine learning
  • How zero trust revolutionizes cybersecurity architecture
  • How to use technology to reimage the workplace, create more human experiences, and bolster equity initiatives