Software Developer Survey Captures New Technology Trends

July 23, 2016

Packt, the company delivering software skills and training since 2004 recently announced the results of their June 2016 Skill Up survey. More than 11,500 worldwide developers and IT professionals weighed in to share insights on global salaries, new and emerging technology defining software today, and the most in-demand skills and tools in tech today.

Skill Up 2016 Highlights

What do developers say the next ‘big thing’ is?

Top three responses: Virtual & Augmented Reality; Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics; and The Internet of Things.


Leading IT salaries:

Security is one of the highest paying industries in 2016, particularly for freelancers.

Bash, Perl & Scala come out as the programming skills commanding the highest salaries.



JavaScript and Python remain the most vital skills to today’s developers, with Java and C also making the list.


Survey Announcement

Skill Up 2016 Survey Report