Samanage Shares Vision for the Smart Service Desk and Rolls Out First AI-Powered Capabilities

Posted Oct 17, 2017

Intelligent Service Management Delivers Value to Employees by Predicting Their Needs and Offering Personalized Interactions

CARY, NC -- OCTOBER 17, 2017 -- Samanage, the Service Success company, is making service management smarter through artificial intelligence (AI). New capabilities, fueled by machine learning, now simplify ticket routing in Samanage Service Desk, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the service desk. Over the next year, Samanage will introduce voice-based assistance, predictive capabilities and intelligent chatbots, delivering value to both the business and the end user through more engaging and efficien t service interactions.

The evolution of Samanage’s smart service desk will culminate in a semi-autonomous service desk that enables service everywhere. It will make predictions and suggestions based on past activity, empowering the organization to adjust its course as necessary to prevent issues. The introduction of voice-based assistance and intelligent chatbots will also humanize users’ service interactions, providing experiences where they feel cared for and known, unlike the robotic service experiences of the past that involved rule-driven chatbots or interactive voice response technologies.

“Samanage embraced the major technology innovations of the past decade, delivering our solution in the cloud to free our customers up from maintaining infrastructure. Now we are harnessing the data insights we have as a cloud company to drive value even deeper within our customers’ organizations, giving their employees smarter, efficient and more personalized services fueled by AI, ” said Doron Gordon, founder and CEO, Samanage.

The first AI capability is already live and uses machine learning to suggest categories and sub-categories for tickets that are submitted, by comparing and analyzing new tickets against historical ticket data. This will simplify the ticket routing process for faster time to resolution and enable more accurate reporting.

“There’s a lot of buzz around AI and machine learning, but as we bring these capabilities into our software, we’re only interested in the practical ways they can improve our customers’ daily work, making their employees happier and more productive,” said Steve Stover, VP of product and alliances, Samanage. “We are using AI to change service interactions and to shift the service paradigm to one that that is truly proactive vs. reactive.”

Additional AI capabilities will be added in the coming months, including voice-based assistance for requestors, creating and managing the incident lifecycle, and suggesting solutions to end users which will improve self-service adoption, and identifying similar ticket trends to help technicians more quickly identify when an issue needs to be escalated as a problem within the ITIL framework.

“AI within an ITSM solution gives us the ability to route requests quickly and accurately, suggest solutions to problems, and help users with self-service suggestions,” said Arie Smouter, IT development manager, Flambeau. “The holy grail of service management is to predict your employees’ needs before an interaction is required, and to provide efficient, cost effective, great service experiences when an interaction is needed. I see predictive service tools improving the quality and speed of the services we provide, allowing us to deliver quality services to users quickly and delighting our customers.”

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