LockPath Partners with SecurityScorecard to Increase Efficiency in Vendor Risk Management

LockPath, a leading provider of compliance and risk management software, announced the availability of the integration of its award-winning Keylight Platform with SecurityScorecard’s security rating platform. This product integration will let organizations strengthen security programs while making their vendor assessment and management processes more efficient.

“This integration with SecurityScorecard will provide our customers with an even more advanced solution for managing risk from third parties of all types,” said Chris Caldwell, LockPath CEO and founder. “The combination of Keylight’s management and analytics with SecurityScorecard’s continuous monitoring gives our customers a more streamlined and strengthened approach to third-party risk management.”

The integration will offer LockPath customers two key components of SecurityScorecard’s platform. One component, SecurityScorecard Integrated Content, will provide overall letter-grade security ratings and will be free for Keylight cloud customers. The second component, SecurityScorecard Connector, offers underlying factor and issue-related data that informs the overall letter-grade score. SecurityScorecard Connector can be purchased by cloud or on-premise Keylight customers.

Overall, the integration provides LockPath customers with increased visibility into third-party security risk and the ability to quickly identify high-risk vendors through SecurityScorecard’s letter-grade ratings. Customers will significantly increase the efficiency of their security and compliance programs through better prioritization of vendors for assessment and remediation.

“We are excited to partner with LockPath on this integration with Keylight. Third-party security risk is a major concern that continues to gain prominence as a business issue," said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder at SecurityScorecard. "LockPath customers using SecurityScorecard's ratings data can protect revenues and brand integrity by continuously validating the security risk profile of their third-parties."

The SecurityScorecard Integrated Content and Connector are available as part of LockPath’s Keylight 4.8 release. Additional features available in Keylight 4.8 include an enhanced audit log that tracks and makes administrative actions visible for audit and investigation purposes, and upgrades to Keylight’s patented Dynamic Content Framework that allow structural changes to the platform to be immediately incorporated, leading to increased scalability and performance.