Toptal Publishes Primer on DevOps

Toptal, a global network of top engineers, designers, and finance experts that empowers companies to accelerate, adapt and scale, has published a primer on DevOps that highlights specific, real-world examples of what DevOps principles look like when done well, and outlines many of the key benefits of DevOps, including greater efficiency, security and organizational collaboration. Titled “DevOps: What It Is and Why You Should Care”, the primer is authored by Alvaro Oliveira, Toptal’s VP of Talent Operations and written for a non-technical audience.

“As software development and operations become more closely intertwined, and as companies become increasingly reliant on cloud infrastructure, executives and project managers must develop fluency in DevOps to remain competitive and ensure their teams are performing up to their full potential,” writes Oliveira.

Oliveira adds: “DevOps stands as a classic example of an important, relatively new technical concept that has been misused or misunderstood all too often. For many, the idea remains fuzzy, and even a basic definition of DevOps can prove elusive. This lack of clarity could potentially have negative effects on organizations and teams attempting to implement DevOps principles, causing strategic confusion and impeding the speed and efficiency that DevOps is supposed to promote.”

Data from the 2017 State of DevOps Report suggest striking differences between high performance organizations employing DevOps principles and organizations that do not. According to the report, organizations using DevOps have far higher software deployment frequencies (46 times more frequent), far faster lead time for changes (440 times faster), and a significantly lower software change failure rate (five times lower) than their lower performance counterparts.

Last month, Toptal launched a new on-demand DevOps talent specialization to meet the skyrocketing demand for skilled DevOps engineers. Tapping into Toptal’s private network of highly skilled IT professionals, the new specialized service connects businesses and organizations with freelance DevOps professionals who are experts in virtualization, containerization, automation, continuous integration and delivery, and cloud application distribution.