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Privacy and Data Management

Brian Tucker for CIO Dive

Note from the editor

The price of privacy violations is going up. 

As the U.S. awaits a federal comprehensive data privacy law — with no bill in sight — government watchdogs like the Federal Trade Commission are catching up. 

July saw the "largest data breach settlement in history" with Equifax's $650 million fine. And Facebook paid $5 billion for privacy violations in one of the largest civil penalties of any kind in the U.S. 

Companies are adding chief data and privacy officers to their leadership in an effort to insulate from potential privacy violations. In addition to privacy oversight, companies are reassessing where and how they store data. 

This report details the evolution of privacy and data management, including: 

  • How privacy violation fines are calculated

  • Case studies in data management

  • Progression of a U.S. comprehensive data privacy law

  • Reevaluating how data is stored and used

As the U.S. works to mirror the progress of the European Union's General Data Privacy Regulation, businesses can expect to see more critical evaluations of current privacy standards and data authority.

Samantha Ann Schwartz Associate Editor

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