CarMax collaborating across business lines to prevent disruption

Dive Brief:

  • CarMax is experimenting with a new home delivery system that allows consumers to shop for cars online and then request the company bring a vehicle to their home to test drive. The service is currently being tested in Charlotte, N.C.
  • CarMax is hoping the new service will help it compete as its traditional business faces disruption from online-only car businesses like Beepi, Vroom and Carvana, according to CIO. 
  • The new service is a collaboration between the company’s CIO and CMO. Company execs say combining their IT and marketing teams allowed them to stay focused on the consumer and their changing expectations. 

Dive Insight:

Even industries that seem un-disruptable are now facing disruption. Rather than troll used car lots for hours, consumers are now shopping for cars online and having them brought to their homes to test drive.

Fortunately, the CMO and CIO of CarMax saw the shift coming and did something about it, including co-locating their tech and marketing teams to speed time-to-market on a new idea that might help them compete with all-digital newcomers.

Consumers are disrupting how companies do business with their demands, so organizations need to think more creatively about how they deliver services. That might require more collaboration across lines of business. 

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