Companies across sectors vying for Java developers

Dive Brief:

  • Java is still the most in-demand programming language, according to job site, far ahead of other programming languages found in the enterprise. 

  • gathered the data by examining U.S. job postings containing the 10 most common programming languages on in the last 12 months.

  • Job posting called for Java programmers far more than any other coding language. The other languages in high demand were C##, C++, Python, Javascript and PHP.

Dive Insight:

Java has been around a long time, and still runs in many computing environments, which explains why it’s still so popular. It also offers several advantages in terms of readability, scalability and robustness.


But there is a downside. Because Java is so ubiquitous, companies in many different sectors are looking for strong Java developers, which means it can be harder for an organization to find one.

"If you're a CIO trying to hire really high caliber talent, you're competing with more companies than ever before," said Raj Mukherjee, SVP of "Every company is a tech company these days. Whether you're in retail, or healthcare or the automotive industry, you're competing with the software and internet companies that used to have a corner on the market for these job seekers."

That’s why, in addition to compensation and perks and benefits, companies really need to communicate their mission and vision to prospects and get creative about "selling" their jobs in a way that will appeal to tech talent.

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