Has Windows 10 adoption stalled?

Dive Brief:

  •  Windows 10 currently has 400 million users, the same number the company said it had last September, Microsoft Windows leader Terry Meyerson announced at a user conference last week, according to Computerworld.

  • Windows 10's user share has grown at about 2% each month since Microsoft ended its free upgrade policy last August. Prior to that, Windows 10 use has grown at approximately 10% each month between April and August 2016, according to calculations made by Computerworld.

  • Meanwhile, Windows 10 does appear to be making money. Microsoft earning reports for the fiscal second quarter revealed that Windows OEM revenue increased 5%, while Windows commercial products and cloud services also experienced a 5% increase in revenue, according to Softpedia.

Dive Insight:

Adoption did slow after the free upgrade ended last summer. If Meyerson's numbers are correct, it means Microsoft has not added significant numbers of Windows 10 users in four months. But figures obtained from Net Applications and StatCounter indicate Windows 10 has continued to add users.

Microsoft's original goal was to have Windows 10 running on 1 billion monthly active devices by 2018, a goal it said it now won't meet in part because of the decline of its phone business.

Microsoft is currently preparing its Windows 10 Creators Update, and some speculate the company is shifting its focus to prepare for that product rather than pushing Windows 10 so hard.

But enterprise adoption of Windows 10 is still a big goal for Microsoft, with the company urging enterprise customers to  dump Windows 7 for Windows 10 just last month.

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