IT pros see the promise of AI, IoT in the enterprise

Dive Brief:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to have the biggest impact among all emerging technologies in the enterprise, according to a new report from Spiceworks.

  • Almost 20% of IT pros said they have already deployed IoT devices within their organization, according to the survey of 560 IT professionals. Another 40% said they plan to adopt them.

  • But IoT and AI also have IT pros concerned about security and privacy, Spiceworks found. Professionals are still waiting for vendors to emerge as leading providers of IoT and AI devices. Until that happens, device concerns could persist. 

Dive Insight:

Given huge growth of AI and IoT, it’s not surprising they are seen as the most valuable emerging enterprise technologies. AI and IoT greatly overshadow other emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and 3-D printing, as far as enterprise impact is concerned.   

IT pros said they expect IoT devices and AI technology to have the biggest impact in the workplace over the next three to five years, with 80% saying IoT devices will be the most useful to their business practices. Gartner predicts that 21 billion IoT devices will be used globally by 2020.

Respondents see the least amount of promise in virtual reality. Only 13% of IT pros said they plan to adopt VR. Among industries, professional services, nonprofit and healthcare have the highest planned adoption of AI, at 30% each, according to Spiceworks.

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