Looking for iTunes or Linux? Just head to Microsoft's Windows Store

Dive Brief:

  • The next version of Windows, due this fall, will strive to enable users to connect a wide variety of disconnected devices in favor of a more simple, seamless approach, Windows chief Terry Myerson said Thursday during Microsoft’s Build 2017 developer conference.
  • For example, the next version of Windows Store, the app market in Windows 10, will include iTunes and SAP Digital Boardroom, Myerson said, VentureBeat reports
  • The Windows Store will also include three different versions of the free Linux operating system.

Dive Insight:

It’s all about connecting devices so users can switch from computer to mobile phone and back again, for example, without missing a beat. It’s an ambitious undertaking that could help end the era of proprietary systems and make all tech gadgets, no matter where they come from, work together more seamlessly.

If Microsoft can pull it off, we may be one step closer to truly seamless, integrated technology that adapts to people rather than forcing people to adapt to it. For Microsoft, it’s a bold and risky move as its a shift from its long-standing strategy. 

But change has been afoot at Microsoft since the company first welcomed Linux last year. Cross-device capabilities are similar to functions Apple already boasts. Users stay loyal to iOS systems because of the integration across devices. If Microsoft can boast similar offerings, its OS may seem a lot splashier to users. 

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