Microsoft adds option to prevent Windows 10 installation of 'bloatware'

Dive Brief:

  • Microsoft is reportedly adding a new feature to its Windows 10 Creators Update that will allow users to prevent installation of the "bloatware" that is often bundled with applications and installed without permission in Windows 10, according to reports from MS Power User and Neowin.

  • The new feature will allow Windows 10 users to install apps only from the Windows Store — preventing them from installing the traditional Win32 applications.

  • Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 10 Creators Update in April.

Dive Insight:

Windows users may finally have the option to avoid automatic downloads of software they don’t want, which takes up space on computers and in some cases may even cause security issues if those applications aren't consistently updated.

For the enterprise, it’s another way to help prevent malware because computers that have the new feature turned on won’t download any software automatically. Instead, users will have to visit the Windows Store and purposefully download any software they want. It seems like an idea that’s way past due.

The feature is disabled by default in Windows 10. But once turned on, experts say the feature could prove helpful especially for computer users in schools and businesses.

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