The CIO Dive Outlook on 2021

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Reaction dominated technology themes in 2020.

Previously optimistic IT spending outlooks turned sour and companies rushed to implement remote technologies to sustain business operations in a pandemic. 

It's a well-trod tale. 

In 2021, businesses are finding the same sets of operating criteria, yet surrounded in a glimmer of what's next. Remote strategies are morphing into hybrid options as companies plan an office return in the latter half of the year. 

Businesses call on CIOs and other IT decision makers to remain flexible and invest in technologies that will adapt no matter the operating enviornment. Cloud-based systems become a priority here, as companies cannot afford the weight of legacy systems. 

CIO Dive assembled its forecast for the business outlook in 2021, identifying the trends and strategies that will help businesses remain nimble. As you read, consider, how have your enterprise technology strategies evolved in the last year and what does the road ahead look like? 

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The CIO Dive Outlook on 2021

Businesses call on CIOs to remain flexible and invest in technologies that will adapt no matter the operating environment. The kicker? Stay under budget.

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