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  • AWS CEO Adam Selipsky
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    Noah Berger/Getty Images via Getty Images

    AWS CEO stresses the core elements of cloud security

    Adam Selipsky described security as a prerequisite for organizations to trust cloud infrastructure. And for that, he claimed, AWS is the best in the game.

  • The cloud-shaped salesforce logo is shown on the side of a building, the company's headquarters.
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    Salesforce customers closely scrutinize software spend

    The company also announced Wednesday Bret Taylor will be stepping down, marking Salesforce's second co-CEO departure since 2020. 

  • An IBM sign stands outside an IBM building in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
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    Tim Boyle / Staff via Getty Images

    IBM, AWS expand hybrid cloud partnership

    Big Blue will add four "as a Service" offerings, expanded mainframe application modernization tools and new AIOps software within AWS Marketplace.

  • AI
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    Companies are bullish on digital transformation — but where should investment go?

    Choosing the right set of technologies to adopt is a top hurdle for organizations, alongside issues of talent and scale.

  • Aerial view of a group of business people meeting in office
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    Workday, traditionally aimed at HR and finance, is going after CIOs

    The software company’s next vertical venture is aimed at technology executives.

  • A tractor trailer has it's shipping container lifted for storage and examination at the docks March 22, 2004 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
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    Stephen Chernin via Getty Images

    Maersk, IBM to shut down blockchain joint venture TradeLens

    The tool was intended to start a supply chain “digital revolution”. But it will shutter in Q1 2023 as it failed to achieve commercial viability. 

  • A digital lock on a computer memory board with red and blue lights intersecting
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    Why cyberattackers love IT professionals — and how organizations can keep risk at bay

    Limiting admin access is one step toward strengthening defenses, but there are other ways to reduce vulnerabilities.

  • A pedestrian walks by a sign on Microsoft Headquarters campus in Redmond, Washington.
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    Stephen Brashear / Stringer via Getty Images

    Microsoft, PMI partner to train students on low code skills

    Project Management Institute’s new university hub teaches college students how to create business apps using Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Manager typing on computer
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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    Tech surveillance can stave off insider threats, but employers need guardrails

    When security surveillance becomes intrusive, electronic surveillance and automated management strategies can evolve into a liability.

  • New York City skyline
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    Jack Gao via Getty Images

    The 15 biggest CIO appointments of 2022

    From Apple to Target, CIO Dive compiled the most notable CIO appointments at the world’s leading companies this year, as well as leaders to watch in 2023.

  • A rendered image of a Geotab solution
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    Permission granted by Geotab

    How one company’s ERP adoption boosted efficiency and cut costs

    Goodbye, paper processes and dusty inventory. Adell Group needed a system with proper capabilities and easy end-user experience.

  • Screen shot of AWS Industry Quest cloud training video game for financial services.
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    Permission granted by Amazon

    AWS gamifies industry cloud training

    The hyperscaler unveiled a new version of its Cloud Quest video game, tailored for financial services.

  • Woman looking at graphic interface showing future computer technology of profit analytic, online marketing research and information report for digital business strategy.
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    Informatica embeds new analytics capabilities in AWS cloud ecosystem

    Data Loader eases data intake from on-prem legacy systems, cloud and third-party application for AWS customers.

  • Close-up Portrait of Software Engineer Working on Computer, Line of Code Reflecting in Glasses.
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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    How CIOs can revamp the company SaaS strategy

    Infrastructure and operations leaders should proactively adopt SaaS applications, rather than retrospectively adapting to change.

  • Pedestrians walk beside a stone wall with gilded letters spelling out "14 Wall Street."
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    As CIOs tighten tech spend, demand for cybersecurity services grows

    Managed service providers can help fill talent needs and tame costs, but that strategy may require additional risk mitigation.

  • Technologist shows two customers how to use enterprise software at desktop computer
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    Companies grapple with SaaS application management

    Many companies struggle to control app redundancy, shadow IT and complexity, Snow Software found.

  • Businessman looking at city through office window
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    Why some CIOs are delaying retirement

    Today’s C-suite tech leaders have enterprisewide clout, a greater budget share and critical responsibilities over business and IT operations. Finding a successor isn’t easy.

  • The Home Depot signage on a storefront entry, with a row of christmas trees in the front.
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    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via Getty Images

    How Home Depot uses tech to prepare for a holiday surge

    The final stretch of the year, with its back-to-back holidays and spikes in demand, puts supply chains and IT systems to the test.

  • Stressful businessman packing a box
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    Chalirmpoj Pimpisarn via Getty Images

    If young workers see their supervisor quiet quitting, they might do the same

    There’s little info out there about what happens when the boss quiet quits, a Rutgers University faculty member writes.

  • An IBM sign stands outside an IBM building May 10, 2005 in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
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    Tim Boyle / Staff via Getty Images

    It would take a ‘catastrophic recession’ for tech spend to slow, IBM CEO says

    Technology spending will offset inflationary pressures as executives grapple with labor challenges and rising interest rates.

  • Side view of a man and a woman talking about a server in a data center while looking at it's network connection cables
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    vm via Getty Images

    Enterprise tech’s worst-kept secret: The persistence of mainframe

    The on-prem IT workhorse remains integral as companies move to hybrid cloud. But, it too is modernizing. 

  • Man Hand Holding Paycheck
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    AndreyPopov via Getty Images

    How the pay ranges of 3 software engineering positions line up

    CIO Dive analyzed job postings for full stack software engineers from Capital One, American Express and JPMorgan Chase. Here’s how they compare to what the recruiting sector expects. 

  • A person on a video call/filming/taking photos of a family toasting for a holiday dinner at home.
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    Cybercriminals strike understaffed organizations on weekends and holidays

    Organizations are short-staffed on holidays and weekends, even though that's when attackers are likely to strike, Cybereason research found.

  • Stressful businessman packing a box
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    Chalirmpoj Pimpisarn via Getty Images

    Companies lose surprising number of devices when employees leave

    Half of companies polled by research firm YouGov say they’ve lost track of technology assets when workers leave, creating security risks.

  • Businessman leads meeting with managers in front of TV screen with big data analytics visualizations.
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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    In-office meeting rooms are changing — and there’s no going back

    More technology adoption is coming to conference rooms, with businesses emphasizing advanced video and audio equipment to support a hybrid world.