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    Companies are adopting new tech, but are lacking skilled talent to bring ROI

    A study by Economist Impact suggests employers are worried about the tech skills gap in their organizations.

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    Tech unemployment nears historic lows as hiring grows

    Amid better than expected job growth, employers sought technologists by the hundreds of thousands during July despite recession fears.

  • A view of the stage during the Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront 2022 show at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on May 18, 2022 in New York City.
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    Warner Bros. Discovery plans migration to a single tech stack

    Technology is the third-largest portion of the company’s OpEx spending. But the company plans to explore cost-saving automation opportunities.

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    Slack resets passwords en masse after invite link vulnerability

    The bug, which went undetected for five years, impacts at least 60,000 users but likely more.

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    Employees love flexibility in the tech workplace — and tech leaders should, too

    For tech employees, flex time and slack time provide the flexibility they crave. For tech leaders, flexible work initiatives keep employees happy and productivity high.

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    Ransomware defense guidance risks hang-ups under many steps

    Small and mid-sized businesses don’t typically have the resources to meet every safeguard. But every action, however small, helps.

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    Companies remain bullish on IT spend, unfazed by financial headwinds

    Talk of recession has companies cutting back on discretionary spending while planning larger modernization efforts, a strategy born from recent recession history. 

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    Why Chipotle accelerated its software development cadence

    One philosophy is central to Chipotle's technology organization, CTO Curt Garner said: “We need to get 10% better every year.”

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    AWS and Microsoft eye economy in a bid to control cloud cost

    An economic downturn won’t slow cloud migration — unless cloud providers start raising prices.

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    Governors commit to computer science, but accountability questions persist

    Only 51% of high schools offered computer science courses in 2021, and advocates say tracking states’ future actions can ensure access improves. 

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    Courtesy of Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health looks inward for new CIO

    Michelle Greene joined the company in 2021, following decades of experience across industries. She succeeds Brian Rice, who left for McDonald's this week.

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    Global RPA market keeps growing but barriers persist

    An automation drive will push global RPA software revenue to $2.9 billion by the end of 2022. However, growth is slowing down as CIOs deal with barriers to success.

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    McDonald’s names global CIO following other executive changes

    Brian Rice will serve on the global senior leadership team as EVP and global CIO, reporting directly to CEO Chris Kempczinski.

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    Most cyberattacks come from ransomware, email compromise

    Attackers are scanning for vulnerabilities in unpatched systems within 15 minutes, stressing the pace and scale of the threat.

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    Courtesy of AWS Skill Builder

    AWS launches subscription service to help companies build cloud skills

    The service includes AWS Skill Builder modules, certification practice exams and a role playing game called Cloud Quest. 

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    GitHub Copilot adds 400K subscribers in first month

    The AI pair programming tool from Microsoft's GitHub became generally available in June.

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    AWS commits to helping customers optimize cloud spend

    E-tailer Amazon posted net losses for the second consecutive quarter despite big gains for Amazon Web Services.

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    How to manage hardware assets — despite the talent crunch

    Leaders should reassess the types of gear they procure, and hire help to ensure workers focus on key tasks, not answering help tickets.

  • Customers carry bags as they leave a Target store in Albany, California
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    Lessons from Target’s cloud journey, a decade in the making

    The retailer didn’t just lift and shift to get to the cloud — and it had some sticker shock along the way.

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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    From floppy disks to the cloud: It’s time to thank SysAdmins

    July 29 marks System Administrator Appreciation Day, a holiday celebrating those unsung heroes who keep IT ticking. 

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    Drew Angerer / Staff via Getty Images

    Microsoft extends server life, cuts cloud costs

    By increasing the shelf-life of cloud servers and network components by 50%, Microsoft expects to save $3.7 billion in the next fiscal year.

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    Degree requirements challenge tech employers already struggling to hire

    With demand and supply off kilter, one area to look at is the potential to upskill and solve for critical talent needs.

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    Sean Gallup via Getty Images

    Google Cloud still operating at a loss despite revenue, client wins

    Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai touted the platform's potential for modernization and security as cloud revenue grew 35% over year-ago numbers. 

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    Noah Berger/Getty Images via Getty Images

    AWS wants to be an enterprise security strategy advisor

    The cloud giant advised customers to focus on specific needs, and rely on embedded defenses running automatically behind the scenes.

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    Robert Giroux / Stringer via Getty Images

    Microsoft sees cloud as big winner in macroeconomic crisis

    Despite drop-offs in PC and Windows sales, the tech giant benefited from healthy Q4 for Azure and other cloud products and services.