Remote work for IT leaders

Note from the editor

The coronavirus pandemic shifted the conversation around enabling remote work capabilities from "nice to have" to "mission critical." Organizations leapt to action to allow for business continuity in the face of global health and economic uncertainty. 

Organizations are proving work can continue at a distance and fears of reduced productivity are waning. Following the shutdown, three-quarters of CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of their workforce permanently remote.

There's no going back, which increases attention on what enables remote work: the technology. 

More than ever before, companies must have digital solutions in place for collaboration, connectivity and communication. "As a service" models become the saviors of business continuity, on-prem seems outdated and security comes to the fore — there is no longer a single network to protect.  

Just because companies went remote practically overnight does not mean all the wrinkles are smoothed out. IT leaders must still confront management concerns, connectivity, tool selection and limited budgets. 

The new remote will continue to evolve and it's up to IT leaders to adapt. 

Naomi Eide Senior Editor

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