Checklist to Implement Governed Self-Service Analytics for Business Users

Business Intelligence solutions have always struggled to serve the critical business needs of enterprises while also being easy to use. And not only that, but to provide a “single version of the truth” as it relates to centralizing data. There’s been a surge in demand from both IT personnel and business users for easy-to-use, agile tools that provide more data analysis capabilities to business users for faster, more accurate decision-making. Download this checklist to understand:

  • The need for governed self-service analytics and how business users, in addition to IT, should be adopting these tools.
  • Business user concerns with existing BI infrastructure, the long-term strategic concerns of this, and the ideal approach to turn this around.
  • How MicroStrategy offers self-service capabilities to business users through intuitive workflows that allow them to be self-reliant, while also providing enterprise-level data centralization and robust features mandatory for IT.