TalentClick Launches New Technology To More Accurately Assess

October 31, 2016

TalentClick Launches New Technology To More Accurately Assess

Work Values & Attitudes

Risk-based personality assessment upgrade allows employers to identify the perfect ‘fit’

New York, NY— October 27, 2016TalentClick, a risk-based personality assessment software firm, today launched their latest assessment tool, Work Values and Attitude (WVA). The tool allows employers to identify whether candidates are the right ‘fit’ by using psychometric analysis. By looking at six key areas of a person’s behavior (integrity, responsibility, coachability, positive attitude, aggression control and open communication), the WVA helps employers further understand the values and motivators of candidates or current employees so better informed management decisions can be made.

“Candidates often say all the right things in interviews, only to later reveal a very different ‘real self’ after they’ve been on the job for a while. The WVA helps employers see the real person from the start to make sure that there is a good fit with values and attitude,” said Greg Ford, CEO and co-founder of TalentClick. “By using this solution as part of a comprehensive selection process, employers can see

a decrease in employee absenteeism, turnover, theft, fraud and violence and an increase in teamwork, employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability and more.”

TalentClick’s customers were looking for a tool which would inform them more about the underlying values and drivers of people to better determine if they fit within the team and organizational values. The WVA was developed by TalentClick as an extension to personality assessments which are more commonly used but aren’t specifically measuring a person’s values and overall attitude toward their work.

“The insight gained from using the WVA goes well beyond any ‘integrity test’ currently available. Although integrity is one of the six areas measured, we look at five other values and attitude measures that are desired by organizations and integral when making hiring decisions,” continued Ford. “As the leading company in North America for workforce assessment tools, we are delighted to be pioneering this technology, giving employers peace of mind.”


Now available as part of the Standard and Pro pricing solutions, the assessment is an easy to complete online 15-minute questionnaire and accessed by simply clicking on a link. The methodology followed in developing the WVA adheres to established practices of developing validated psychometric assessment tools.

For more information on TalentClick and the WVA visit www.talentclick.com.

About TalentClick

TalentClick helps make workplaces more productive by offering innovative workforce assessment tools based on decades of applied research in occupational psychology. TalentClick’s team of highly educated and experienced industrial psychologists and human resource specialists help employers reduce risk of turnover, low productivity, poor morale, and safety-related incidents by better understanding their employees. TalentClick is the leading company in North America to provide workforce assessment tools designed and validated specifically for frontline employees operating in industrial work environments.