Digital Stationery Consortium Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink Framework

May 17, 2017

New Member Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, Working Groups, Video and Infographic Highlight Market Momentum

Digital Stationery to Create Endless Possibilities for a Broad Spectrum of Industries and Users

To accelerate the growth of the digital stationery ecosystem, the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. (DSC), today announced that industry PC leader Fujitsu Client Computing Limited has joined the DSC at the Contributor level, the first tier of membership in the organization. The DSC also announced the formation of three new working groups to ensure a coordinated, industry-led effort to advance and promote digital stationery experiences more broadly. DSC Contributor members – Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, Montblanc, Samsung, and Wacom – will leverage these working groups in their efforts to establish digital ink as universal, open and smart content format based on the Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™).

"We are thrilled to welcome Fujitsu Client Computing to work alongside our distinguished Contributor members Montblanc and Samsung," said Masahiko Yamada, DSC chairman, and president and CEO of Wacom. "Now is the time to join the Digital Stationery Consortium. Our working groups will enable DSC members to shape how digital ink innovations become part of a larger digital stationery market."

Specifically, the Developer Engagement Working Group will connect and engage with developers to build momentum for digital ink adoption; the Customer Use Cases Working Group will examine tangible return on investment for digital stationery use cases that bridge analog and digital industries; and the Technology Working Group will define the requirements for digital ink and WILL™ in the emerging technology, Internet of Things, and cloud landscapes and, in the near future, 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality.

As part of the DSC, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, known for its high-quality, innovative and reliable Fujitsu branded PC portfolio, will work to establish digital ink as universal, open and smart content format based on WILLTM: "We are looking forward to working alongside Wacom, Montblanc, Samsung and other members of the DSC to create ever-increasing array of digital stationery experiences," said Hiroyasu Takeda, executive vice president, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited.

To educate both businesses and the general public on how digital stationery innovations will make it easier for everyone to freely capture, shape, and share new ideas, the DSC published today an educational and shareable video titled The Digital Stationery Consortium: Join the Movement and an infographic titled The World as Your Canvas: Limitless Boundaries and Endless Possibilities of Digital Stationery. Expect to learn:

--What is digital stationery and who uses it?

--How WILLTM makes digital ink a seamless user experience

--Ways to join the DSC’s efforts to drive the coming digital stationery movement

Connected Ink Shanghai

At Wacom’s upcoming Connected Ink event in Shanghai, June 7, 2017, the DSC Chair, Masahiko Yamada, will welcome members, present on the DSC vision and momentum, and discuss membership and market opportunities. Individuals from DSC member and non-member companies are invited to register to attend and participate in this important event and reception.

DSC Membership Benefits

All companies interested in the digital ink ecosystem are encouraged to become DSC members. DSC membership levels, Contributors and Promoters, are open to companies across any business vertical, including information technology, design, education, automotive, Internet of Things and more. Members receive access to WILL™ technology as well as the opportunity to become involved in various membership initiatives, workgroups, and member-only meetings.

About DSC

Founded by Wacom, The Digital Stationery Consortium is an association of global industries and thought leaders with the shared mission to advocate the value of human creativity and to lead the creation of a new market category of smart digital stationery solutions that are serving any creative minds in a most natural and intuitive way. The consortium’s focus is to establish digital ink as a universal, open and smart content format and a common framework for sharing and collaborating with ideas based on WILL™ digital ink. For more information about DSC and its membership benefits, please visit