Inventor of Virtual Currency Pays It Forward with Record-Breaking Airdrop

Posted Mar 21, 2018

100 percent of initial coin supply to be delivered to the people, for free, beginning on Tax Day, April 15

SAN DIEGO – March 21, 2018 – empowr, the inventor of virtual currency, announces a coin distribution event unlike any other. Starting on April 15, 2018, empowr will distribute 500 million coins, which is the company’s entire initial supply, through an airdrop on the Ethereum blockchain and a bounty program. Starting on March 22, 2018 empowr founders and democratically elected president will appear in a weekly live stream on YouTube to discuss the historic event and answer the community’s questions.

“Airdropping our entire initial supply of coins is fully aligned with our core beliefs, which is putting the power back into the people’s hands,” said Brian Woosley, the democratically elected president of empowr. “Without accepting a single penny from corporate investors and advertisers, the empowr platform was built by sacrifice and dedication by generations of users. It is with that same spirit that the community has voted to now pay it forward to the crypto community – on a day where they’re spending money rather than earning it – Tax Day.”

The community’s 800,000 active alpha users are already mining cryptocurrency by posting and sharing content; selling and sharing goods and services; or helping others do the same.

Users can spend coins in the platform’s robust marketplace and on advertising, subscription and other services provided by empowr.

The empowr community invites supporters to become holders of the empowr coin:

· Active Ethereum blockchain wallets will receive the empowr coin airdrop beginning Sunday, April 15, 2018.

· Each month, empowr will distribute 10 million coins through its Bounty Program. Those interested in earning stakes can find more information here.

· Join empowr as an alpha user (for free) and start minting coins by simply posting and sharing photos, blogs, videos and status updates.

For questions, watch the weekly live stream on YouTube, starting on Thursday, March 22 at 8 am PDT (3pm UTC). For the official ongoing live stream schedule, visit

Visit empowr’s social media accounts for more details:


About empowr
A collaboration between top U.S. professors and seasoned Silicon Valley technologists, empowr is the world’s first platform to seamlessly integrate a next-generation social network, marketplace, cryptocurrency, and educational and political systems. The result is a democratic social economy that belongs to, and is controlled by, its users. During its alpha phases, empowr invented hundreds of critical technologies, many of which are patented and used every day by billions of people, which include virtual currency, applications in social networks, transactions within apps, and transactions over mobile devices. The company aims to increase humanity’s standard of living and help reverse the climate crisis. Learn more at