Lockpath Receives Two GRC Innovation Awards

Posted Apr 10, 2018

Lockpath has been honored with two GRC Innovation Awards in the Enterprise GRC and IT GRC Management categories by GRC 20/20. The organization recognized Lockpath’s Keylight's dynamic documents functionality with the GRC 20/20 Innovation Award for Enterprise GRC Management. Lockpath's patent-pending Keylight Formula Engine, which allows users to create complex risk calculations, won the GRC 20/20 Innovation Award for IT GRC Management.

Keylight’s dynamic documents feature allows users to easily create GRC-related documents as tables and turn sections, clauses, and citations into records. Each dynamic record is assigned an owner, cataloged and tracked, and can be linked out to other records in Keylight to provide evidence or support for compliance activities.

"Lockpath has demonstrated GRC innovation in both enterprise and IT GRC, delivering agility, visibility and ease-of-use through the Keylight Platform's dynamic documents and formula engine," said Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit at GRC 20/20. "We recognize these successes as a milestone in advancing GRC maturity."

With Keylight Formula Engine, users can nimbly adapt their calculations as external risks or other inputs change. The cross-platform calculations enabled by the Keylight Formula Engine allow enterprise GRC managers to better use and incorporate IT risks into their risk calculations.

"We are honored to be recognized by two GRC Innovation Awards," Chris Caldwell, Lockpath CEO and founder said. "Innovation continues to be a driver of the Keylight roadmap. Dynamic documents and the formula engine are two innovations that exemplify our mission of designing GRC software that is easier to use and helps our customers manage organizational risk."

Lockpath's Keylight Platform is an enterprise risk management (ERM) platform designed to help organizations centralize their compliance and risk management programs. Keylight consists of a fully integrated suite of applications that work together to strengthen GRC and ERM programs. 

"Any business unit with a GRC initiative that involves compliance mandates, risks, audits, policies, or procedures throughout the organization can use Keylight's dynamic documents," said Rasmussen. "The solution makes GRC more interactive, relevant, and brings insightful relationships and knowledge into contextual awareness in the organization."