Eggplant Launches Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Solution

Posted Sep 20, 2018

Eggplant RPA can automate anything a person can do, across any App, Website, System or Process

London, UK and Boulder, Colorado 20, September 2018  Eggplant, the provider of user-centric, intelligent testing and performance solutions, has released Eggplant RPA: an intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, harnessing Eggplant’s unique and patented Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) capabilities.

DAI was designed initially for test automation—using artificial intelligence to intelligently drive exploration of relevant user journeys in any application, website or process. Now the same core DAI technology—which can automate anything a person can do, including intelligently understanding and acting on screen images and text and driving any application through keyboard and mouse inputs, or through APIs—has been packaged in an offering specifically for RPA.

Eggplant’s unique automation technology is already widely used for RPA use cases across a variety of industry sectors. These use cases range from database migration and audit trails for federal organizations to security patches for hospital servers to marketing automation.

Eggplant has also used RPA to convert and migrate over 500,000 files for a document management platform, speeding up processes and reducing mundane, repetitive tasks for employees without the risk of human error during manual entry.

For one Financial Services customer, Eggplant has deployed RPA to provide database migration after the acquisition of a bank. Eggplant was chosen for this project after a Financial Services technology provider was unable to migrate the data in a reasonable timeframe. In the healthcare industry, Eggplant has worked with a variety of institutions to provide RPA for onboarding and offboarding new employees, testing credentials of ex-employee logins, migrating and moving data between systems, and preparing test environments. The increased demand for Eggplant automation is the motivation behind the company creating a package specifically to support RPA use cases. 

Eggplant RPA offers a modeling interface to lay out an automation model in a code-free way. This enables business users, not technical experts, to drive the RPA solution. Eggplant RPA provides both attended and unattended RPA (with and without human intervention) and automation for multiple systems and processes. Eggplant RPA’s unique fusion automation engine can automate processes across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, desktop devices, mainframes, robots, speech driven interfaces and anything else with a screen and input devices and/or an API.

Eggplant RPA can work with Eggplant Real Customer Experience Insights (CXI) to record and analyze the usage patterns of real users in production and feed this into the Eggplant Modeler as a robotic process. In addition, Eggplant RPA can be used to provide an API for a legacy application that has no native API. To achieve this, a REST API can be customized that then triggers Eggplant automation actions through an application’s user interface.

Eggplant has been used to automate processes in the Orion spacecraft, Coca-Cola vending machines, MRI scanners, Temenos banking systems, Oracle Forms, and prototype mobile devices. This unique capability means Eggplant RPA can automate apps and processes that are considered by many to be un-automatable, ‘too dynamic’ or ‘too legacy’ to automate.

Quotes and Commentary

“Although the Robotic Process Automation industry is fairly new, Eggplant has a long heritage in automating the un-automatable. Our customers have naturally used Eggplant for all kinds of automation including RPA and so it is was listening to our customers and looking at their use cases, that lead us to create Eggplant RPA. When faced with the prospect of RPA, many organizations believe that it is too technical and that a lot of developers need to be involved. However, with the powerful modeling and fusion automation of Eggplant RPA, we are proving this is simply not the case.”

Antony Edwards, CTO Eggplant


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