New JitBit Mobile App For Customer Service Takes Design Cues From Messenger Apps

Posted Jun 20, 2019

Edinburgh, UK, June 20th, 2019 - JitBit today announces the launch of a new version of its JitBit Helpdesk Mobile App with the purpose of making customer service easier and unprecedentedly accessible.

As most customer service mobile apps resemble email set-ups, JitBit decided to step towards greater user-friendliness by introducing an interface resembling Slack, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The revamped ticket page that is centered around a chat-like design makes localizing, following, and replying to support tickets way easier. This convenience, together with powerful functionality, makes it a fully-fledged addition to its website alternative.

The app was reprogrammed from the ground up, eliminating past bugs and incorporating new features, such as fast login with Google account. One of the main benefits is the possibility to write new replies while viewing the ticket on a single screen. Not only does this help prevent the occurrence of errors, but it also improves efficiency. In addition, filters and search options allow users to choose exactly what they want to display. At just a glance, they can quickly be directed towards the hotspots that require their attention.

The mobile help desk presents an addition to JitBit’s cloud ticketing software solutions. Tapping into the preferences of users, it is an obvious time-saver and allows businesses to respond to customers’ needs quicker. Prioritizing performance and productivity has paid off: The JitBit app makes sure that it no longer matters from which device you are assessing the helpdesk or how strong your internet connection is. You can deliver quality customer service on the go, from Android or iOS and on any network connection.

“We are focusing on things that matter the most to our clients. Instead of striving for a flashy app that turns into a marketing tool with bells and whistles, we are introducing a functional tool that people will enjoy working with every day,” says Alexander Yumashev, the co-founder and CEO of JitBit. “This way, customer service can become the daily bread of every company, no matter its size.”

About the company

Jitbit is a small, friendly & self-funded software company founded in the UK by two guys with a customer-support background in 2005. With its presence now in several countries, including the US, UK, and Latvia, Jitbit aims to make the world a better place by building helpdesk software that does not suck. The flagship product is "Jitbit Helpdesk," which is a helpdesk ticketing system. The product comes both as a "SaaS" solution available on the web-on-demand, and an "on-premise" version that can be installed on customers’ servers. It features tight email integration, file-attachments, Google-drive integration, knowledge-base, and everything a modern helpdesk app needs.


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