Time Management System as an Indispensable Tool for Employee Accountability

Posted Feb 06, 2020

Almost every manager and business owner knows the frustration that comes with having to round up your employees after an extended break or call in a worker to question him or her on why they continue to show up late for work.

Managing employees can be exasperating, especially once they´ve found a way to “manipulate” the simple punch clock that you have been using for decades. Fortunately, the arrival of employee time and attendance software offers a groundbreaking strategy for tracking, supervising, and recording the actual hours your employees work. These software solutions are a part of the digitalization of the workplace and can save businesses money, ensure compliance with labor laws, and increase productivity levels of the workforce.

Mitrefinch Workforce Management Software system, best suited for 100 – 10 000 employees, consists of 6 basic modules: Time & Attendance Software; Absence Management Software; HR Management Software; Employee Scheduling Software; Mobile Workforce Management; and Employee Self Service.

What are the benefits of Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system ?

- It helps eliminate “buddy punching” and wasted time,

- reduce payroll errors, build trust between employees and management

- drive change and quickly start paying back a company’s return on investment.

Absence Management controls provides real-time workforce visibility and will detect any abuse, anomalies, or trends.

HR Management reduces time spent on administrative tasks through easy storage and instant access of employee records, as well as the generation of detailed workforce reports on labor activity.

Employee Scheduling & Forecasting Software allows managers to collect and analyze data such as rates of pay, skills, and employee availability. This helps prevent unnecessary downtime and productivity losses while ensuring the necessary skillsets are accounted for at each shift.

Mobile Workforce Management allows remote and off-site employees to seamlessly clock in and out using any device and provides management with the tools to verify employee hours using GPS tracking and ensure accurate timekeeping and compliance issues.

Mitrefinch’s Employee Self Service system allows both on-site and remote workers the flexibility to access their schedules and request time-off online, which their managers can quickly accept or deny. Having employees control their own time management allows HR and supervisors to focus on their many other administrative duties.

Mitrefinch Time Management System is available as SaaS on monthly subscription and On Premise Software License. 

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