EasySend is recognized by PwC as the leading solution for COVID-19 challenges in three categories

April 20, 2020

PwC Germany recognizes EasySend as the leading InsurTech company to provide COVID-19 related solutions in three categories: submission & contact processing, claims & payout processing and update of master data.

Tel-Aviv based InsurTech startup EasySend is recognized by PwC Germany as one of the leaders in COVID-19 related InsurTech solutions. In April 2020, the consulting firm released a curated list of InsurTechs that provide solutions in eight categories. PwC recognized EasySend as one of the leading solutions in three out of the eight categories: submission & contact processing, claims & payout processing and update of master data.

EasySend builds on their experience with digitizing hundreds of processes for global insurance companies to provide a solution for enterprises that cannot support business processes with outdated tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those companies that rely on PDFs and paper forms, it is nearly impossible to deliver instant, digital, convenient experiences the current situation demands.

EasySend has developed an innovative no-code eForm builder that empowers banks and insurance carriers to convert paper forms into beautiful, compliant, digital journeys in a matter of days, without writing a single line of code. EasySend empowers insurance organizations to quickly develop remote servicing capabilities without lengthy and costly development in order to:

-Streamline submission & contract processing

-Digitize claims & payout processing 

-Maintain data integrity and update of master data

-Resolve any bottleneck caused by paper & PDF reliant processes

Harnessing the power of AI to speed up digital transformation in insurance

Relying on proprietary, AI-powered technology, EasySend provides a no-code solution for transforming manual processes into digital customer journeys quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. EasySend’s Kadabra AI tool automatically detects form fields and turns any PDF into a digital journey in a matter of minutes. This unique capability significantly reduces time to market of new digital insurance products, helping insurers to serve their customers remotely across a wide range of use cases, including customer onboarding, policy issuance, claims, personal detail updates, document submission, eSignatures and more.

About EasySend: Simple and intuitive digital application builder for insurance and financial services. EasySend empowers enterprises to engage with customers through digital journeys, gather data, optimize and drive revenue growth. No coding required.