NeXR boosts Educational Technology with Virtual Reality training. If needed, experiments can be conducted on Mars.

Posted Oct 08, 2020

NeXR Technologies SE

NeXR boosts Educational Technology with Virtual Reality training. If needed, experiments can be conducted on Mars.

E-learning gets a powerful push into the future with the NeXR Seminar Educational Technology.

NeXR has developed the VR learning solution for companies to be able to hold seminars, conferences and training courses in a virtual environment. The immersive learning effect in Virtual Reality is a key factor for the decision to switch from webinars to VR stream. Further education is realized in a completely new way.

NeXR CEO Markus Peuler: “In the EdTech sector, everything revolves around delivering learning content as effectively as possible using digital technology to make learning easier. The goal is to enable immersive learning. To achieve this, the learning environment is optimized for practical relevance. The virtual reality experience is more intense than a face-to-face lecture, because I can do things that elude time, space and the laws of nature - I can suddenly do chemical experiments without anything happening to me and see how substances react to each other, for example on Mars.”

Nicola Mizon, Head of Operations at NeXR Seminar: “The environment is a very powerful tool which is often completely ignored in traditional trainings and courses. It can be used to build up emotions and to put the participants in the mood in which the topic can best be transported. So before I use PowerPoint slides to convey information about Ancient Rome, I can take the participants directly to the site and show them what it looked like back then - and also make them experience a direct comparison of how it is today. Through this experience, information remains much stronger in our memories and is thus easier to recall.”

This can be applied to a wide variety of areas. Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki is a member of the board directors at NeXR, keynote speaker and consultant on the subject of digital transformation, as well as Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the Cologne Business School in Germany.

Skibicki: “Before Corona, there were a thousand reasons to postpone the digital transformation - that's why we are in an acceleration phase to decide on new technologies. A web stream of a keynote speech cannot match the live experience that lives from the presence of the speaker. Everything that has been tried so far comes with flaws. With NeXR Seminar we have the opportunity to take it to the next level - the speaker is perfectly represented in 3D with gestures and facial expressions and is brought into an environment that helps to illustrate the topic. This will also be interesting for universities, which promote state-of-the-art equipment to attract international students.”

“Instead of creating PowerPoint slides, tutors can now choose in which environment their content should be presented or integrated and how,” says Peuler and adds: “We have implemented NeXR Seminar for the first time with Alexander Sascha Wolf, who as Scientific Advisor for NeXR is the one who professionally deals exploring best learning environments for conveying content.”

“Full day conferences are efficiently replaced by a focused further educational experience in the VR training simulator,” says Wolf. “In the near future, trainings will be the most exciting part of the job. It will feel as rewarding as vacations,” Wolf concludes.

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NeXR Technologies (HQ Berlin) stands for the development of technologies and apps of the future generation. The combination of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) form the extended reality (XR).

While VRiday as an agency offers consulting, planning, implementation and publishing of VR Experiences for companies and brands, the technology of the business field 3D Instagraph is used for the creation of 3D avatars, which can be animated and integrated into virtual worlds with the help of the Motion Capture Studio OnPoint. 3D Instagraph develops and distributes its own 3D scanners and application software. With the help of the scanners photorealistic 3D avatars can be generated in seconds.

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