Case Study: On-Demand IT Training Leads to 10% Salary Increase & Job Promotion

February 03, 2021
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Dunedin FL, February 2nd, 2021 - Anthony Alfieri, a student of ITU Online Training from Georgia, recently shared with the eLearning company how their learning resources helped him advance in his IT career. His story includes his career roots, his study path, and the benefits of using an on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) for his IT training.

Before working specifically in IT, his previous work history was balancing both Digital Marketing and being the Technology Director for his hometown church. “I was in this position for three years and knew after the first year that I wanted to be more involved in IT work,” says Alfieri.

“What motivated me to get into the IT field was the fact that I had a skill set that could provide support to others,” Alfieri continues. “Little did I know that when 2020 rolled around, IT would become the center for holding a world in chaos together.”

Alfieri initially had a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and working technical experience, but he continued his education by purchasing a CompTIA bundle of courses from ITU Online Training, which is headquartered in Florida. What interested him in the courses, other than preparing for valuable certifications such as Security+, was the flexibility that the LMS offered in terms of his schedule.

“The entry-level courses such as A+ and Network+ were understandable for me as a working professional out of college for three years,” Alfieri recalls, highlighting that moving at his own pace was a key factor. “I have never been a fan of being inside of a classroom because there is a disconnect there. By learning online any time that I need to access courses, I feel that I can process the information better.”

Along with ITU Online Training's LMS, he found that supplementary materials such as Google's IT Support Fundamentals course aided in his career aspirations. “ITU Online Training helped me advance in my career because of the extra knowledge I was able to bring to the table,” Alfieri says. “Some of the challenges I have faced in my current position, the job can only initially train you for so much, but every so often something slips through the cracks and you have to use prior knowledge from training to help solve the issue.”

Ultimately, Alfieri was able to present proof of his training efforts to his current employer, who hired him as Lead Technician, which is a managerial position. Managing a group of ten Tier 1 Technicians, Alfieri has found career satisfaction and has experienced a measurable boost in income.

“When I got my new job, I initially got a 16% pay increase compared to what I was making,” Alfieri says. “However, by presenting to them the training I had done independently through ITU Online Training, I was given a promotion after one month, which gave me another 10% increase, so in total, I got a 26% pay increase!”

“I had been a team leader before, but never before in a high-end professional setting,” Alfieri shares. “So my independent training and my previous knowledge helped get me the position.”

Alfieri's story mirrors that of many ITU Online Training students looking to save money while pursuing the quickest path to IT career advancement. The 2020 pandemic proved that students more than ever need to be able to train remotely and that time is ultimately our greatest resource in life. ITU Online Training is proud to be a pioneer in on-demand IT training and will continue to provide students with accessible training options.

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Case study conducted, written and edited by Amanda Rosenblatt, Marketing Specialist at ITU Online Training.