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    Employers want data literacy — but aren't training for it

    Less than one in four companies offer data training to all employees, Tableau data shows. Lack of access to data skills may be slowing productivity.

    By Kathryn Moody • March 23, 2022
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    Tech firms eye grocery store efficiency improvements

    Grocers are increasingly using e-commerce data to boost in-store efficiency and keep items stocked as they enhance omnichannel shopping.

    By Sam Silverstein • Feb. 22, 2022
  • McDonald's sells AI tech firm Dynamic Yield to Mastercard

    Franchisees complained Dynamic Yield hadn't delivered the sales boosts they expected at the drive-thru. The deal reflects McDonald's pivot toward outsourcing its technology.

    By Emma Liem Beckett • Dec. 21, 2021
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    Data is an asset. Treat it as such.

    If a company loses its data or if its data is compromised, it could significantly damage the business in terms of financial performance, brand reputation or loss of customers.

    By Peter Mottram, Managing Director, Enterprise Data and Analytics, New York • Dec. 13, 2021
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    C-suite unaware old data drives decision-making, survey finds

    Data-driven decision-making is only effective if it matches current conditions. But most data leaders say the process to obtain data insights is slow.

    By Nov. 17, 2021
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    1 in 3 C-suite execs automate processes to tackle hiring crunch

    Automation won't solve everything on its own, but it's part of the  mix of strategies C-suite employers are using to meet their staffing needs.

    By Oct. 13, 2021
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    CDOs are misunderstood, grapple with high expectations: survey

    Companies can gain revenue and efficiency from a highly effective data foundation, but expectations surrounding the chief data officer role must first be clarified.

    By Sept. 27, 2021
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    Cigna expands purview of global CIO

    Noelle Eder, who first joined the company in August 2020, will add data and analytics to her role as innovation reshapes access to care across the industry.

    By Sept. 23, 2021
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    The role of privacy-enhancing technologies in measuring and managing risk

    Privacy-enhancing technologies are on the radar of companies seeking to build a stronger data foundation. This byline shares a framework to maximize the use and value of data without compromising its privacy.

    By Isaac Hales, Product Manager, Federated Analytics, LiveRamp • Sept. 20, 2021
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    Data center downtime decreases, but consequences get more severe

    When an outage or disruption occurs, IT faces a time crunch to recover — especially if tech is mission critical.

    By Sept. 14, 2021
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    How one logistics company plans to augment human tasks with tech

    One thing machines do well is generate data. One thing people could do better is interpret that data.

    By Jim Stinson • Aug. 12, 2021
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    Hungry for data insights, companies struggle with security and skill shortages

    A mismatch between data supply and demand are impacting companies as they look to technology to assist with decision-making.

    By Aug. 11, 2021
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    What tech executives expect from investments in data and analytics

    With $11 million on average to spend on data-driven initiatives, companies want to rely on AI and ML to enhance internal and external processes.

    By July 14, 2021
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    How to course-correct shortcomings in data strategies

    For organizations that identified gaps or flaws in already deployed data strategies, the first step toward improvement is to assess the damage.

    By July 7, 2021
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    Hot desks are heating up as people head back to the workplace

    Envoy analyzed their platform data of over 225,000 desk bookings to provide insights into how employees are using the workplace.

    By Jonathan Weindel, Head of Data Analytics at Envoy • June 28, 2021
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    Data pros are swamped by growing company needs

    The ideal digital company runs on data to make decisions, market itself and increase revenue. But teams are at capacity, data professionals say.

    By June 8, 2021
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    Making the most of data and analytics

    Data and analytics leaders are also chief value officers, building and realizing the full potential of data's benefits.

    By May 7, 2021
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    Decision-making, ROI: How chief data officers deliver value

    Analytics leadership can help companies use data as an asset and take a modern approach to planning.

    By May 6, 2021
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    3 ways business can use data and analytics to change outcomes

    The painful truth of data and analytics is that no tech leader can go at it alone, a Gartner analyst said.

    By May 4, 2021
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    5 hallmarks of a successful data culture

    Companies can use data for increased business agility and competitiveness. But not without the right data culture, which hinges on a top-down leadership approach.

    By April 28, 2021
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    Data strategies hinge on quality, processing: report

    Understanding where data fits is the first basic companies must master before advancing modernization and emerging technologies.

    By April 21, 2021
  • To improve metrics, companies need deeper data dives

    Data lakes contain much more information than executives typically use to track performance, data specialists say. 

    By Robert Freedman • April 5, 2021
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    Data and analytics to become 'core business function' in 2021: Gartner

    A need for efficiency and competitive advantages is driving businesses to take data and analytics off the standby list.

    By March 16, 2021
  • Businesses grapple with scattered data, obscuring insights

    The number of data systems at play inched up over the last two years, according to a report from Starburst and Red Hat.

    By March 5, 2021
  • Retail accelerates tech goals en route to brand clout

    The pandemic pushed more consumers online, accelerating retail modernization plans.

    By Jan. 21, 2021