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    How the AI skills crisis is wasting money

    Studies show the tech sector lacks qualified talent equipped to meet enterprise needs in AI and ML.

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    Every department wants to partner with IT, but challenges await

    Pandemic changes have led to the democratization of IT. While empowering for users, it can challenge the security and quality of technology. 

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    Why IT needs HR and HR needs IT

    Fleetcor’s HR and IT teams rely on each other to streamline operations, widen visibility and boost employee experience. It's a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parts of the business.

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    Budget cuts will spare IT heading into 2023

    Companies are bracing for a recession, reducing non-essential spending, but investments in technology and modernization stand firm.

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    Chevron Phillips Chemical adds business transformation to CIO’s portfolio

    After 20 years at the company, Allison Martinez will take on business operations duties alongside ongoing oversight over the IT organization.

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    Today’s top cybersecurity concerns — and what comes next

    Cybersecurity executives are up against talent shortages and retention concerns amid increasingly sophisticated threats.

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    Midsize companies prioritize security while navigating resource limits

    Despite smaller budgets and risk appetite, midsize businesses still have critical technology needs on their way to business growth.

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    Cyber paradox: Security looms as obstacle and opportunity in cloud migration

    Data protection and compliance solutions are easing cloud adoption even as cyber concerns persist.

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    5 uncomfortable questions to improve enterprise data culture

    Tech leaders must find the gaps in their data strategy to actively shape a data culture that enables insights-driven decision-making 

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    Cloud collaboration market boom is good news for Microsoft

    With hybrid work entrenched and data security a looming concern, IT spend on collaboration bodes well for the No. 2 infrastructure cloud provider.

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    Better living through cloud: Green aspirations drive migration

    Companies are prioritizing sustainability and counting on cloud technologies to provide new gains in curbing carbon emissions.

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    Employers should prioritize retention over hiring, study suggests

    Companies contending with an unprecedented talent market and looming recession have begun “labor hoarding,” according to some reports.

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    Where the benefits of responsible AI emerge

    Constraints for AI programs abound, but recent research found tangible business benefits when implemented responsibly, including improved products and brand differentiation. 

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    Organizations rapidly shift tactics to secure the software supply chain

    Synopsys data shows rapid increases in automation and use of SBOMs among software producers and other organizations.

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    Updates can spell trouble for IT. What to consider with Windows 11 — and beyond

    For tech departments, an update is more than just a push-to-start procedure. IT professionals must ensure updates are not a hindrance to the business.

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    White House guidance on third-party software tests cyber risk strategy

    The U.S. hopes that pushing software makers toward minimum security standards for federal use, a new baseline strategy will emerge industrywide.

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    Tech gap throttles IoT ambitions in critical infrastructure: report

    Leaders in essential industries are grappling with similar talent constraints as those faced by businesses.

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    The CIO-CTO bridge: How Lenovo is reshaping its leadership structure

    Lenovo is leveraging in-house tech expertise to grow its enterprise software division — and blurring the lines between CIO and CTO in the process.

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    Where AI fits in the Sam’s Club tech portfolio

    AI helps drive purchases and improve the shopping experience. The bottom line is member retention, said CTO Vinod Bidarkoppa.

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    IT’s fiercest foe: user expectations from consumer-facing technology

    The digital user experience lets people easily navigate new tech, leading employees to wonder why workplace tech isn’t as simple to use.

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    3 CIOs look back at their time as IT pros

    Sept. 20 marks IT Pro Day, a time to celebrate all the IT professionals who keep systems running, optimize operations and support business goals.

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    How much do IT pros like their jobs? It depends on where they work

    Despite companies touting salary increases, improved culture and flexibility, not all organizations are taking the same precautions to retain their IT staff.

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    Cloud security pros expect elevated risk for serious data breaches

    Just one out of five cybersecurity and engineering professionals escaped the previous year without incident.

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    Facing pressure, CIOs tap managed service providers to deliver efficiency

    From automating processes to consolidating vendors, companies are calling on MSPs to help streamline technology investments.

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    Cloud delivers data — too much, for most companies

    The volume, velocity and variety of data produced by cloud-native tech stacks is more than most companies are equipped or staffed to handle.