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  • Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees tags out Matt Stairs during a game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. The Royals won the game 5-3.
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    G. N. Lowrance via Getty Images

    MLB partners with Zoom to increase replay review transparency

    The deal marks the latest move from the software provider to connect its product to physical locations and experiences.

  • A row of empty desks with one office chair sticking out into the walkway.
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    Photo illustration: Shaun Lucas/Industry Dive; Getty Images

    Deep Dive

    Understanding the effects of mass layoffs on the tech sector

    Beneath recent layoffs, CIO Dive analysis shows the tech workforce recruiting cycle is normalizing after years of hiring binges.

  • casey's
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    Retrieved from Casey's website.

    Casey’s names new chief information officer

    Sanjeev Satturu succeeds Adrian Butler, who recently left the retailer for a new opportunity.

  • The welcome screen for the OpenAI "ChatGPT" app is displayed on a laptop screen on February 03, 2023 in London, England.
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    Leon Neal via Getty Images

    OpenAI inches toward the enterprise with GPT-4

    Morgan Stanley and PwC onboard generative AI as the technology begins integrating visual recognition and expanding its text capabilities.

  • Login information attached to large hook hanging in front of computer keyboard.
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    Philip Steury via Getty Images

    Bank failure panic fuels moment of opportunity for threat actors

    Threat hunters and security executives warned organizations to look out for malicious activity as regulators step in to operate Silicon Valley Bank.

  • Person holding basket with detergents, flowers and tools on orange background, closeup
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    SaaS spring cleaning: 17 questions to ask before switching providers

    Before making major changes to enterprise tools, experts say CIOs should run a checklist on current solutions, competitors and the overall tech stack.

  • The Google logo is seen on display at the company's headquarters October 18, 2007 in Mountain View, California.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Google embeds enterprise-grade generative AI in its cloud

    Data science teams and developers will gain access to customizable ML models and AI app building capabilities, the company said.

  • Dozens of lines of computer code on a monitor.
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    iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Open source tops list of tech developers trust

    Recent high-profile vulnerabilities have increased risk awareness for open-source repositories, but developer perception remains positive.

  • Employees stand outside of the shuttered Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarters on March 10, 2023 in Santa Clara, California.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    SVB turmoil could mean long-term uncertainty for enterprise IT

    The demise of Silicon Valley Bank created a void in tech startup funding and raises questions about the health of the vendor ecosystem.

  • Businessman holding a digital chatbot
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    ipopba via Getty Images

    How to set up an enterprise strategy for generative AI

    The early days of cloud can yield adoption lessons for generative AI in the context of enterprise tech.

  • Hands of worker working with digital tablet check product on the conveyor belt in the beverage factory.
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    Amorn Suriyan via Getty Images

    How manufacturers can integrate digital tools into employee training

    Tablets and cellphones can help quickly train new workers on equipment use and operations.

  • Coworkers eating a pizza and enjoy every moment of it
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    FluxFactory via Getty Images

    Your company is changing software providers. Now, you just have to break it to staff.

    It’s on technology leaders to reduce friction and frustration, engage stakeholders and foster communication to ensure a migration goes smoothly.

  • Young laid off manager sitting down with a carton
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    BartekSzewczyk via Getty Images

    Tech unemployment rises in wake of workforce cuts

    Companies in the tech sector shed more than 11,000 workers in February, but postings for open positions declined only slightly.

  • A silver sign on a brick wall identifies the Kroger Co. corporate headquarters.
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Lawsuits allege Kroger payroll transition glitch led to missed, incorrect paychecks

    Changes in payroll and timekeeping systems have exposed companies to legal risks in recent months.

  • Overhead shot of young adults using technology at a table
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    monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

    Customer expectations are on the rise, creating an end-user tech puzzle

    Without user-friendly technology that accurately assists the end user, businesses risk customer attrition.

  • Growth business, cloud dollar sign grow up on blue sky.
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    worananphoto via Getty Images

    Technical debt migrates to the cloud

    CIOs are grappling with fallout from rushed deployments, flawed service configurations and overprovisioning, SoftwareOne found.

  • Analyst working with Business Analytics and Data Management System on computer to make report with KPI and metrics connected to database.
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    NicoElNino via Getty Images

    Suddenly, there’s a race to put generative AI in CRMs

    While Microsoft and Salesforce claim to be the first to put generative AI capabilities in a CRM — neither is likely to be the last.

  • Southwest Airlines employee Agnes Chu of Oakland, California assists passenger Lois Ryals of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Philadelphia International Airport May 10, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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    William Thomas Cain via Getty Images

    Southwest lands on AWS as preferred cloud for modernization push

    Under new CIO leadership, the airline embarks on cloud-based digital transformation that includes customer-facing tech and IT infrastructure.

  • A diverse group of executives talking in meeting room.
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    FangXiaNuo via Getty Images

    USAA adds 2 tech SVPs to enterprise CIO team

    An external hire and an internal promotion rounds out the insurer’s roster of technology leadership. 

  • Woman coding with multiple monitors
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    SeventyFour via Getty Images

    The number of women in technical roles is dropping

    The lack of women throughout the tech talent pipeline shows the responsibility to diversify the workforce spans beyond the recruitment stage.

  • Hundred dollar bills falling from a cloud-filled sky.
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    Kativ via Getty Images

    Cost control edges out cybersecurity as top cloud concern: report

    As companies continue to invest in cloud, many still haven’t taken advantage of savings opportunities offered by CSPs, Flexera found.

  • Bank sign on glass wall of business center
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    ultramarine5 via Getty Images

    Cloud skills gap raises cyber concerns for banks

    As financial sector companies push forward with modernization, difficulty sourcing talent looms as a potential security risk.

  • Close-up Focus on Person's Hands Typing on the Desktop Computer Keyboard. Screens Show Coding Language User Interface.
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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    Organizations tempt risk as they deploy code more frequently

    An imbalance between developers and security professionals on staff spotlights a disconnect between these business functions and objectives.

  • An illustration of chat bubbles
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    filo via Getty Images

    Generative AI a ‘game-changer’ but businesses are worried about the ethics

    Most executives plan to prioritize generative AI over the next year and a half, Salesforce research shows.

  • Post-its on a glass wall
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    Hispanolistic via Getty Images

    LastPass aftermath leaves long to-do list for business customers

    Organizations using the password manager are exposed after a major breach compromised credentials and, potentially, business secrets.