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  • The inside of a Nike Rise with a checkout counter.
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    Courtesy of Nike

    Nike’s chief digital information officer exits

    Ratnakar Lavu arrived in 2019 from Kohl’s with a goal to “accelerate” the sportswear giant’s growth.

    By Cara Salpini • Feb. 22, 2023
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    tattywelshie via Getty Images

    Tech salary growth slowed last year as workforce discontent rose

    Companies still paid a premium for sought-after skills, as hiring in banking, biotech and consulting offset the flagging tech sector, the report found.

    By Feb. 21, 2023
  • Fidelity Investments office view.
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    Permission granted by Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity Investments adds 700 technologists in hiring push

    While big tech continues to trim staff, the financial services company said it plans to expand its IT footprint in the first half of 2023.

    By Feb. 17, 2023
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    relif via Getty Images

    Confidence gap holds back jobseekers from tech workforce

    Technology careers are still a top-five choice, but entering the field is perceived as too difficult by many, according to CompTIA data.

    By Feb. 15, 2023
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    franckreporter/E+ via Getty Images

    CIOs hold onto clout as new roles enter the C-suite

    Chief officers of people, diversity and delivery are becoming more common, LinkedIn says, but the CIO remains a steady presence for tech-driven organizations.

    By Feb. 15, 2023
  • Customers enter a Walmart store in San Leandro, California.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Walmart consolidates IT workforce, plans to shutter 3 tech hubs

    The retail giant will close offices in Texas, California and Oregon but hopes to relocate staff impacted by the changes.

    By Feb. 14, 2023
  • Businesswoman packing personal company belongings when she deciding resignation change of job or fired from the company.
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    pcess609 via Getty Images

    Reading between the lines of tech sector job cuts

    High demand for talent persists, despite ominous signs of downsizing.

    By Feb. 10, 2023
  • In this photo illustration, the home page for the OpenAI "ChatGPT" app is displayed on a laptop screen on February 03, 2023 in London, England.
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    Leon Neal via Getty Images

    Most employees using AI tools for work aren’t telling their bosses

    More than one-third of employees are using generative AI tools to help with work-related tasks, according to Fishbowl data.

    By Ryan Golden • Feb. 10, 2023
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    NicoElNino via Getty Images

    Workers lack tech skills needed for today’s jobs, NSC says

    As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics posts unexpectedly high job gains, concerns remain about finding the right workers for open positions.

    By Kathryn Moody • Feb. 8, 2023
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    artisteer via Getty Images

    January jobs report a mixed bag for tech workers

    The unemployment rate remains low, a sign laid off workers were absorbed back into the market, CompTIA said. But the number of tech occupations dropped.

    By Feb. 3, 2023
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Southwest names CIO as transformation efforts unfold

    Lauren Woods, an executive with more than a decade at Southwest, takes over for CIO Kathleen Merrill, who became executive advisor.

    By Feb. 3, 2023
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    pookpiik via Getty Images

    Global disruption prompts more innovation, not less

    Rather than responding defensively to economic precarity, companies lean on cloud, data and AI to push forward, according to Accenture research.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • The tail sections of a Southwest Airlines planes are seen at the Oakland International Airport .
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    3 technology lessons from Southwest’s IT failure

    Not all $1 billion tech investments are equal when it comes to paying down technical debt.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • A jet comes in for landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California.
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    David McNew via Getty Images

    Airlines promise they’re investing in technology

    Five major carriers used recent earnings calls to respond to the recent failures in aviation technology.

    By Jan. 31, 2023
  • An IBM sign stands outside an IBM building May 10, 2005 in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
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    Tim Boyle via Getty Images

    IBM experiences growing pains as hybrid cloud strategy takes shape

    Software and consulting services were the business drivers in "the first full year of the new IBM," CEO Arvind Krishna said during an earnings call.

    By Jan. 30, 2023
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    MJHollinshead via Getty Images

    3 trends shaping IT compensation strategies in 2023

    Experts expect the IT talent salary ceiling to continue to rise despite tech industry layoffs and economic slowdown.

    By Jan. 30, 2023
  • Southwest Airlines airplane taxies from a gate at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on October 11, 2021
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    Kevin Dietsch / Staff via Getty Images

    Southwest Airlines tech ‘generally worked as designed,’ CEO says

    A perfect storm of bad weather and mass cancellations “just overwhelmed the technology and the processes,” Bob Jordan said.

    By Jan. 27, 2023
  • A United Airlines 787 Dreamliner prepares to land at San Francisco International Airport on October 19, 2021.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    United Airlines CEO calls out tech failures in the aviation sector

    “This ought to be a wake-up call for all of us in aviation,” Steve Kirby, said during an earnings call.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
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    iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    CIO role ‘elevated’ as economic uncertainty persists: report

    Security and modernization needs will push IT spending upward in 2023, according to Foundry's State of the CIO report.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
  • Stressed businesswoman at desk
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    kieferpix via Getty Images

    Morale support: How to lead your IT team through layoffs

    Remaining staff members are watching closely how companies treat departing workers — and will need support as they attempt to carry on.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
  • The words, "Job Search" appear in a search query on a computer screen
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    courtneyk via Getty Images

    Cautious but confident, tech talent won’t stop job hopping

    Workforce reductions in big tech have tempered the Great Resignation, but IT workers are still testing the job market.

    By Jan. 25, 2023
  • Full length shot of a group of businesspeople waiting in line for a job interview.
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    PeopleImages via Getty Images

    Great resigners gravitated to tech in 2022 — and not just for better salaries

    Challenging work and upskilling opportunities drew job changers into the IT workforce, and most are happy in their new roles.

    By Jan. 24, 2023
  • Southwest Airlines airplane taxies from a gate at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on October 11, 2021
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    Kevin Dietsch / Staff via Getty Images

    Southwest Airlines commits $1B to IT upgrades

    The airline has taken immediate action to enhance its crew engagement technology, CEO Bob Jordan said.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
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    MicroStockHub via Getty Images

    Gartner dials back worldwide IT spending forecast

    The shift reflects the impact of inflation on consumer spending and a strong dollar on exchange rates.

    By Jan. 18, 2023
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    Khosrork via Getty Images

    Stop planning one tech budget: IT spending strategies for 2023

    More money and new challenges greet CIOs this year as businesses lean on modernization to ride out economic uncertainty.

    By Jan. 16, 2023