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    Rising risks to drive IT spending to $4.4 trillion this year

    Companies turn to tech to ease operational constraints and boost cash flow.

    By April 6, 2022
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    'Lift and shift' without transformation can leave money on the table

    Cloud migration isn't always an easy sell, but brings potential for financial and operational gains.

    By Manohar • April 6, 2022
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    Technology leadership during an economic crisis

    The key to success is creating a technology vision and strategy that is effective long-term and will resonate long after a crisis subsides.

    By CIO Dive staff
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    What the SEC's ESG rules mean for CIOs

    Today, many companies don't have systems in place to produce the data that investors and now regulators are increasingly demanding.

    By Barbara DeLollis • April 4, 2022
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    Courtesy of UPS

    How Juan Perez shaped UPS's technology strategy

    After 32 years at UPS, Juan Perez signs off to join Salesforce. He spoke with CIO Dive about how he renovates technology.

    By March 31, 2022
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    Data pose biggest hurdle to ESG disclosure: Deloitte

    Gathering credible data on greenhouse gas emissions by suppliers and other third-party business partners has emerged as one of the most difficult steps in sustainability reporting.

    By Jim Tyson • March 28, 2022
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    3 shifting priorities for modern CIOs

    Companies need their CIOs to act as proactive decision-makers, leading shifts in IT architecture and guiding the tech product roadmap.

    By Ian Pitt • March 25, 2022
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    PayPal nabs Intel exec for CIO role

    Most recently CIO and EVP at Intel, Archana Deskus will oversee global IT at the payments company, reporting directly to its CEO. 

    By March 23, 2022
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    Report: Google employees increasingly dissatisfied with pay, return-to-office plans

    Recent reporting has focused on the tech giant's cultural issues, but one source told HR Dive autonomy may be Google employees' biggest ask.

    By Ryan Golden • March 23, 2022
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    Employers want data literacy — but aren't training for it

    Less than one in four companies offer data training to all employees, Tableau data shows. Lack of access to data skills may be slowing productivity.

    By Kathryn Moody • March 23, 2022
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    Emerging tech rising to board-level concern

    Over half of companies cite board of directors as key decision makers on 5G, edge and AI: Gartner.

    By March 22, 2022
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    White House warns US of possible Russian cyberattack linked to Ukraine invasion

    The warnings come after federal authorities convened more than 100 critical infrastructure organizations to share classified cyberthreat information.

    By David Jones • March 21, 2022
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    2 years later: Software takes a starring role

    Decision-making around software shifted as IT leaders lost fear of vendor lock-in and leaned into platforms.

    By March 21, 2022
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    Before the war, Ukraine was working to become the IT hub of Europe

    Over the past two years, Ukraine digitized many of its government services and turned its focus toward attracting global tech leaders. The work will continue after the war, a Ukrainian official said at the SXSW conference last week. 

    By Danielle McLean • March 16, 2022
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    Rumors of IT's death are greatly exaggerated

    The best strategy is to reject the false dichotomy of siloed IT vs. no IT at all.

    By Tatyana Mamut • March 14, 2022
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    How to select the ideal AI pilot project

    The best use cases may not be splashy, big problems — like curing cancer. Instead, target the small, impactful trouble spots.

    By Jen A. Miller • March 11, 2022
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    IT workers most likely to quit, Gartner finds

    Technology is at the center of worker attrition concerns, as talent woes hamper transformation and company growth.

    By March 11, 2022
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    Google pledges to spend $2.5B with diverse suppliers in 2022

    The company will focus on mentoring, development and partnerships as part of a global supplier diversity expansion.

    By Colin Campbell • March 10, 2022
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    6 cost management strategies for CIOs amid geopolitical disruption

    There tends to be no room for new IT spending when crises unfold.

    By Chris Ganly • March 10, 2022
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    It's time to pay back technical debt

    A breaking point is fast approaching for companies that quickly migrated technology in the pandemic.

    By Brian Eastwood • March 7, 2022
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    Digital twins break free of industrial roots

    The retail and pharma sectors are using digital twins to enhance operations in ways traditional analytics and simulations cannot.

    By Allen Bernard • March 7, 2022
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    Courtesy of Zoom

    Zoom earnings miss estimates as collaboration market saturates

    The company is sharpening its focus on newer product lines after its meteoric rise slowed.

    By March 1, 2022
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    Culture, technical barriers hinder IT asset management

    Despite a plethora of tools and best practices, many organizations still fail to properly track, budget and account for technology. 

    By Allen Bernard • Feb. 24, 2022
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    Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

    Kraft Heinz taps Google for multiyear transformation push

    The company will use Google Cloud's AI and ML tools to drive food innovations — including new flavors, formulations and products.

    By Chris Kelly • Feb. 22, 2022
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    Tech firms eye grocery store efficiency improvements

    Grocers are increasingly using e-commerce data to boost in-store efficiency and keep items stocked as they enhance omnichannel shopping.

    By Sam Silverstein • Feb. 22, 2022
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    CIOs tout guardrails as prevention for shadow IT woes

    Businesses want better, cheaper, faster and safer technology, a test to CIO leadership.

    By Feb. 18, 2022